We produce various forms of wood and aluminium joinery, which you will find below:

                                                 RIGHT : Fixed or opening from 1 to 4 leaves                                                    FULL ARM : Fixed or opening from 1 to 4 leaves

                                                            ico_PF40BS              ico_BASCB - Copie                                                                         plein cintre 4 vantaux              plein cintre 1 vantaux


                                        BASKET HOLDER : Fixed or opening from 1 to 4 leaves                                   DROP HANGER : Fixed or opening from 1 to 4 leaves

                                                              anse de panier 4 vantaux                   anse de panier 1 vantaux                                                                           cintre surbaisse 4 vantaux                   cintre surbaisse 1 vantaux


                                               TRAPEZE : Fixed or opening from 1 to 4 leaves                                                                 TRIANGLE : Fixed or flap

                                                                 trapeze 2 vantaux                       trapeze 1 vantaux                                                                                                 triangle 1 vantaux

                                                       OEIL OF OX : Fixed or opening                                                                                HALF MOON : Fixed or flap

                                                          oeil de boeuf                   oeil de boeuf                                                                             demi-lune                        demi-lune


               All shapes can be made, do not hesitate to contact us..