Specialist of wood joinery for four generations, Les Menuiseries Philibert operate at the cutting edge of progress.

We guarantee that our products are in conformity with legal requirements relating to thermal insulation, noise reduction and water sealing. Our exclusively French  production benefits from the “CE” (European community) marking in partnership with our suppliers, also respectful of standards and labels in force (FSC, PEFC, CEKAL, QUALICOAT).

Aware of the key role to be played by the wood industry in sustainability, les Menuiseries Philibert only source suppliers matching  PEFC, FSC standards (rational exploitation of forests) .

Les Menuiseries Philibert use the preparatory wood paint processes as well as NABOCO products . There products are environmental-friendly
The glazes are guaranteed 6 years and the paints 10 years.

The Naboco concept offers a global solution of treatment, pre-finishing and finishing that ensures the durabilty of wood joinery.

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